How To Date A Celebrity

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Why should i date a celebrity?

celebWhen you are young, you dream of where you want to end up in the world. Little girls often dream of being princesses, or famous singers. Little boys dream of being rock stars and football players. As you get older, you start to realise that the dreams you had when you were younger aren’t necessarily what you want any more – but hardly anyone would turn down the chance to be a princess or a rock star if they got the opportunity. And few would turn down the chance to date a celebrity.

The most important thing about these dreams “jobs” are that they don’t seem to take much effort, they pay well, and they involve fame. If you think being a princess or playing football involves a lot of effort, maybe you should try digging ditches for a living 12 hours a day – now, is it easier to dig ditches or play ball?

Being the partner of a celebrity involves potentially less work – it’s not actually a job. However, you would receive the benefits of the job – some of the money is likely to come your way, as is some of the fame. If you are looking for a partner, then a celebrity would seem to be a good choice!

The downside to this is that your entire life may come under the microscope. Every little thing you do, every perceived wrong you commit, every time you go out for a meal, someone will be watching. And you won’t always get a chance to defend yourself. How many times have you eaten ice cream and got it on your chin? Imagine a paparazzo taking a picture of you and that picture appearing in a newspaper with the caption “Piggy Partner eats so much can’t even get it in mouth!” – it can take quite a thick skin to get along in the world of celebrities.

Under Pressure

If you can handle the pressure, the scrutiny and the potential for people poking fun at you, everything else is looking good – the fame, the fortune, the celebrity partner, the invitations to red carpet events, appearing on TV shows as a celebrity (by association) guest, the events you could open, the restaurants you will eat at, the people you will meet…surely the benefits make up for every problem there may be.

But don’t expect it to be an easy ride.

The chances are there are other people who would like to date the same celebrity as you, and even if you are in a relationship, that probably won’t stop them trying to get their foot in the door. You will have to fight for what you want, fight for who you love, and fight to stay together. But if you truly are in love, it’s no different from any other relationship – there will always be people wanting you to break up. The difference is that this time it may be reported on the internet!

So why should you date a celebrity? The best reason would be to say it is for love, but the reality is that there is a lot of good to be said for fame and fortune, and the love may just be the icing on the cake.

A more pertinent question to ask yourself may be, why would a celebrity want to date me?

How Do I meet a Celebrity? Date a Celebrity using the Law of Attraction

In order for a celebrity to want to date you, they need to know you exist. This is the very first step – getting noticed.

There are few things universally accepted by both the scientific community and the public at large. One set believes in supernovas and protons, the other in whatever they want. But one thing that can be agreed on is that there are laws of attraction.

date a celebrity

This exists in a scientific setting, and can refer to many things – including one of the more obvious ones, gravity. But it works with electricity and a number of other things – it’s real, and it happens every day.

In your life, the laws of attraction work as well. How many times have you wanted something, and wanted it, and wanted it, only for it to eventually become part of your life almost accidentally? That’s the law of attraction at work.

A real life example

The simplest way to explain how it works in your life every day is to understand what happens to you subconsciously. Suppose you want a particular necklace. It is very obvious that if you never ever even think about that necklace, you are highly unlikely to ever own it.

If you do think about it every day, you subconsciously move closer to it. When it is on your mind, your mind goes to work thinking how you can obtain it without you having to consciously make a plan. You will start looking around for the best place to buy it from, maybe visit a few jewellers, talk to your friends about it.

People may say you’ll never get that necklace, but you insist you will.

Maybe one day, it’s your birthday, and one of your friends or relations buys the necklace for you as a gift – they knew how much you wanted it, as you put it out there for the universe to see, and someone took action on it. Or maybe you go shopping for something else, and happen to look in a jewellers to find the exact necklace is on sale at 75% off – a bargain for that one thing you wanted!

Somehow, someway, it will become yours – because you put yourself in locations or situations that make it almost impossible for the universe to ignore.

Focus on the right things

But remember, this works the other way too – if you have little money, and imagine every day that you will ALWAYS be poor, you WILL always be poor – the universe will find a way to help you to that idea which you reinforce every day. If you have a belief that puts you in the position, places and situations of being poor, you will remain poor. If you focus on rising up to a better place, the universe will help you along the way.

And so it goes that should you want to date a celebrity, you are going to have to convince the universe that this is what you want. You will have to put yourself in places, in situations, in the position to be available to date a celebrity.

Get out there!

How many people sit at home and just imagine what their life would be like dating a celebrity, with all the paparazzi following their every move? And how many dream of their ideal partner while they sleep? How many stay at home in their tiny apartment with their heads full of dreams while the celebrities are thousands of miles away at a party? What are the chances of even meeting a celebrity while staying at home?

If you don’t put yourself in the positions and situations to get started with, you will find it hard to even meet a celebrity, let alone start dating one.

And when you dream about it every day but take no action, how can you expect your dream to come true?

You need results, and no-one gets results without taking any action. The action you take may involve trawling through websites, newspapers and magazines, trying to follow the movements of your target celebrity. You’ll need to plan to be in the same place at the same time, or at the very least somewhere nearby.

The big problem may be getting them to notice you.

Dress for Success – Look Like a Star

Generally speaking, celebrities have a certain look about them. They walk tall, they don’t shuffle around, and they tend to dress well. The first time a celebrity sees you, you need to make a good impression – you need to show them you are their equal.

Looks first, personality later!

Even if you meet in a crowded elevator, a celebrity is likely to see you before they speak to you. In those first few moments, appearance is everything.

It can be a good idea to match the kind of outfit that the celebrity wears – but not by becoming a clone! If they dress in a formal suit, you dress formally too. If they wear jeans and a t-shirt, you wear the same. Like attracts like – if they dress like they live on the street and you dress like you run a business, chances are your opportunity won’t arise.

Looking like a star doesn’t necessarily mean what it sounds like – you probably imagined some glamorous outfit when you first read it. But really , you should have imagined looking (or rather, dressing) like the star you want to date!

I have nothing to say

So you’re in the right place, you’re wearing the right clothes, and your target celebrity notices you. They say, “Hi!”

Without preparation, your mind will now go blank. Guaranteed.

Plan what you are going to say – you might want to start with, “Hey, how are you doing?”, or something less cliched, but make sure you know before time.

They will respond to what you say, and then the critical moment is reached – you need to carry on the conversation. This is where RESEARCH comes in – you need to know some things about your celebrity. Maybe they are a Chicago Bears fan, and it’s football season – ask them about the last match. Anything to keep it going – but the more interesting the better. You want to date a celebrity, not bore them!

The ultimate aim is to get them to ask you a question that isn’t used in a standard polite conversation – for example, “How did you do that?”, or “Can you show me?”. Asking a question like that shows they are involved in the conversation and have really NOTICED you.

Don’t lie!

How do you get that response? It may be as ridiculous as saying, “I used to cheerlead for the Bears – I can walk on my hands for the length of a football field. I just raised money for charity doing it!”

They will probably want a demonstration – just make sure what you said is true!

Of course, exactly what you say and do to get them interested is going to depend entirely on the celebrity. They all have their own interests, so what works for one will not work for another. Celebrities are people too!

Again, RESEARCH. You need to get them interested.

After this, the conversation may end, or it may go further – you’ve got your foot in the door.

However, if it does end, they’ll remember you next time they see you – and they might come over to talk to you rather than you having to attract their attention.

Gain their attention, make an impression, and see what happens. The more you meet, the more you talk, the more the celebrity finds out about you, the more likely you are to get a date.

Do celebrities only other date celebrities?

No. Quite simply, there aren’t enough of them to go around. Even royalty doesn’t exclusively date royalty! You know you wanted to be a princess….?

The only thing that determines who they date is who they meet. If they never meet you, they can never date you – it would be physically impossible. Hence the need to be in the right place – putting yourself near a celebrity is the key.
Would fame make me happy?

No-one can answer that question but you. If a relationship would make you happy, would a relationship with a famous person also make you happy? There would be a lot of pressure. Others may be trying to get that same celebrity to notice them too. The newspapers will have a field day.

But in the end, you may find it is worthwhile.

Go on…pick a celebrity…go and get a date today!