Cosmetic surgery gone wrong – and how to avoid the mistakes

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How many times have you looked at a celebrity and thought, “He/She’s had some work done…”?

There’s normally a reason for it. Either the person has dramatically changed the way they look, or it’s all gone horribly wrong.

Remember when there were photos of Michael Jackson’s nose, and the media speculated how long it would be before the whole thing collapsed? Remember when [any number of celebrities] appeared at that awards show, and they were entirely wrinkle free, but looked like their face was about to pop?

Just one little mistake can take cosmetic surgery from enhancing your looks to making you look like a caricature. The easiest way to avoid it? Don’t have cosmetic surgery. But what if you really want to?

The simple answer is, don’t go overboard. Don’t change the shape of your nose, your ears, lose your wrinkles, stretch your neck and have a boob job all in one go. And don’t change your nose, then change it again, change it back, and change it again just for the hell of it.

Be reasonable in your expectations, and don’t change too much at once – and if you do plan on making more changes later, make this the foundation for those changes, not something that needs to be erased so you can start again.

You only get one body, and you only get one face. Enhance it, don’t break it.


Cosmetic surgery financing – how to get more beauty for your buck

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The financing options for cosmetic surgery can depend on where your surgery is done. Some doctors/surgeons/companies have their own financing set-up, where they arrange everything for you and you just sign on the dotted line (assuming you pass their credit scoring checks), but in other cases they will expect to be paid in a lump sum and you have a separate agreement with an independent finance company.

There are now finance companies that specialize in medical finance, which includes cosmetic surgery. You will have to prove your eligibility, again through financial checks, but they may also require psychological evaluations to make sure you are mentally prepared for the effects cosmetic surgery may have on your life. This doesn’t mean they want to know how you will handle heads turning to look at you, but rather if this surgery will improve your quality of life and if you want it for the right reasons. Wanting to look like Barbie is not necessarily a good reason!

All good doctors should want to conduct a psychological evaluation for the same reason, but the type and length of the evaluation will vary wildly – some will just ask you a couple of questions, others will want reams of paper forms filling in.

However, if you pass all the checks and tests, you will be able to get the surgery you desire – proving that cosmetic surgery is now available to virtually anyone, not just the rich and famous.


The best healthy snacks for weight loss, no matter what diet you choose

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The fashion industry will have you believing that you need to look a certain way, wear certain clothes, but most of all…be thin.

The diet industry will have you believing low fat is best, low carb is best, low calorie is best, high protein is best, red days and green days are best, points are best…and you’ll be thin.

Here’s a tip: Whatever diet you choose, just *choose it*

The best diet is the one you can stick to, not the “most effective” diet that you only half heartedly follow. Stop with the fad diets right now, don’t listen to your friends and whatever 4 Hour South Beach Paleo Banana Smoothie Watchers Diet they are doing this week. TAKE CONTROL. For too long you have been lead on by advertising, and hypnotised into believing that “you’re loving it”.

This is YOUR LIFE. This is YOUR BODY. You need to make the decisions. You need to acknowledge you have been eating crap for the most part, and you need to dedicate yourself to making a change. Congratulations, you have just taken the first step on your journey.

But what are the best healthy snacks? Planned snacks. That’s it.

Think about it – you know that most days, you’ll need a snack around 3 in the afternoon (or whenever). Do you run down to the store, grab a Snickers, and get on with your life? Or…do you have something ready-prepared that complies with your diet to snack on? Maybe a small pack of nuts, or a piece of fruit? Even some tuna in olive oil, depending on which diet you have chosen!

Each diet has it’s own merits, but each diet also has it’s own rules – if you’re on low fat and eat a pound of butter for a snack, it won’t work. If you’re own low carb, a pound of butter will work better! (Please note, we’re not suggesting you eat a pound of butter….ever!)

The best healthy snack is the one you have already prepared in relation to the needs of your body, and that complies with the needs of your chosen diet.


Finding pageant dresses for girls – 5 tips to make sure you get it right

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There are many factors to take into consideration when finding pageant dresses for girls, so here are 5 tips to get you on the right track.

#1 Check the price

By all means, spend what you can afford, but be aware that you don’t always have to buy a pageant dress new. A thriving second-hand economy is alive and well – just search the internet and you’ll find many places stocking previously-worn dresses. An alternative strategy is renting a pageant dress, which can work out far more economical.

#2 Modify and upgrade

If you do purchase a dress, remember that it doesn’t have to stay as it is. You can add sequins, crystals, lace, or anything else you like if you have a bit of crafting know-how. You can also remove things – but go easy with the scissors, as once you’ve chopped something off it’s harder to get it back on again!

#3 Look up!

By keeping the lower part of the dress or gown quite plain, and adding more embellishments further up, the eye is drawn upwards. This will bring your face in to focus, and you and your personality are very important. If you want to win a prize at a pageant, you need every advantage you can get, so why not use yourself as well as your dress?

#4 Pick the right color

Your color choice should match your personality. If you are loud and outgoing, choose something bright. If you are quiet and reserved, a more neutral color – maybe even black or white. The color of the dress builds expectations about you, so you should try and match it rather than oppose it.

#5 Think and feel like a winner

If you try a gown on, and instantly you think, “I could win in this!”, that may well be the gown to choose. If you think and feel like a winner, you’ll hold yourself like a winner, and you’ll act like a winner. If you think and feel like a loser, you’ll stand like a loser, look like a loser, and probably won’t do well. Tips the scales in your favor, and be a winner from the start.


Why a non surgical face lift is better than real surgery

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There are risks with any surgery, so the more you can avoid invasive surgery the better. A non-surgical face lift is designed to improve the appearance of your nose, but without invasive surgery.

But how does it work?

Any perceived defect in your face is usually down to the shape of your face, or the appearance of wrinkles. A young healthy face tends to be virtually wrinkle free, sag free, plump and smooth. In order to improve the look of the face, the young ideal must be aimed for. This can be done surgically, by inserting tucks in the skin to pull it tight, or by modifying the underlying bone structure with the use of surgical tools. These are clearly difficult and invasive procedures, and as such the recovery time can be long.

Non surgical face lifts come in many different forms:

Botox and fillers can be used to plump up the skin and to smooth out wrinkles. When used correctly, this does not “freeze” your face into a permanent smile, but provides a simple way of looking younger – and the effects can last for a year before another treatment is needed.
High frequency waves can be projected into the skin (similar to ultrasound machines) to stimulate the production of collagen, to make the skin more flexible and younger looking.
Chemical peels help to shed the top layer of skin, revealing younger skin underneath and helping in the speed of skin cell reproduction.
Laser treatment works by making small holes in the skin, and encouraging the production of collagen.

Why should you have a non surgical face lift?

It is far less invasive than a surgical procedure, and therefore recovery time is much shorter – and the results are often as good, if not better.

And do you really want someone hitting your face with a hammer and chisel?


What a non surgical nose job is, and why you should have one

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Any surgery comes with risks associated, so being able to avoid going under the knife is clearly a benefit. A non-surgical nose job (also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty) is designed to improve the appearance of your nose, but without invasive surgery.

But how does it work?

It’s quite simple, really. Any perceived defect in your nose is usually down to the shape, so in order to improve the look of the nose, the shape must be altered. This can be done in one of two ways – removing something or adding something. Surgical nose jobs work by removing (or moving) tissue to reshape the nose – often with the use of a hammer and chisel. Non surgical nose jobs work by adding a filler, normally through an injection.

The net result in some cases is that your nose may appear slightly larger, but the shape is far better. For example, if you have a bump along the length of your nose, the filler is added above and below the bump, straightening out the slope of your nose. If your nose is crooked, filler is added to one side to make it look straight.

Why should you have a non surgical nose job?

It is far less invasive than a surgical procedure, and therefore recovery time is much shorter – and the results are often as good, if not better.

And really, would you rather have an injection or have someone hitting your face with a chisel?