Plus size modeling agencies and how to know they’re legit

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Being skinny used to be the fast track into a career in modelling, but as the years have passed more and more modelling agencies have appeared for average sized people. There are agencies specializing in all body types.

A plus size model agency is no different to a “regular” model agency – they are looking for models who are confident, are passionate about what they are doing, and can hold a pose. The only difference is the body shape requirements!

But how do you know they are the real thing, and not just trying to scam you?

First and foremost, if they ask you to pay them money up front, alarm bells should ring. Whilst it is not uncommon for agencies to charge you for a photoshoot to start your portfolio, if their main focus is getting you to pay, and not -you-, they could be just after your money.

With or without the money issue, if they thrust a contract in front of you, don’t sign it until you have read all of it – and if you don’t understand parts of it, get a third party to look at it. You could be signing away the rights to your image, or even all your future earnings. In a lot of cases, the contracts are legitimate and work for both you and the agency – but if in doubt, take your time. If they say you need to sign or they’ll get someone else instead, it’s a sure sign they’re using scare tactics and you need to consider it very very carefully.

Ask for references – if you can find real businesses or people who have used their services before, it’s a good sign.

And don’t forget to check for reviews online – although reviews can be faked, a wide range of reviews normally indicates that a business is legitimate. If they have a hundred 5-star reviews, they are either amazing or cheating. If they have ten 5-star, twenty 4-star, and six 3-star reviews, they sound more like a real business.