Tall Girl Problems

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You can never find a dress that doesn’t look like a shirt

You would think that just putting clothes on wouldn’t be that hard – but when you’re a tall girl, the problems only start when you’re getting dressed. That cute dress that anyone else could wear and look amazing? You’d better put something on below it or you’re going to get arrested for public indecency. And let’s not get started on so-called “long sleeve shirts” that for some reason finish at your elbow.

Always being asked to get things off the top shelf

No, I don’t work here. No, I don’t want to pass you everything you can’t reach. Yes, the weather is fine up here. You know, if you’re going to be like that, fetch a step-ladder and get it yourself.

Getting your head cut off in photos

I mean, it’s better than getting your head cut off in real life, but it sometimes seems that you never actually went to all those parties or took those vacations. Well, most of you did, but clearly not your face.

Taking a shower

It’s so easy, you stand under the showerhead, turn it on, and wait for the water to flow over your hair and down your body. But for some reason, the water seems to start flowing somewhere around your chest. Who knew showers were designed for short people?

Standing next to other people

Other people look up to you, but not in a good way. Always craning their necks, asking ridiculous questions…and never take a photo with them. They’ll all look tiny. Turns out, other people were the problem all along!